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Automatic production of silicone mastics

Automation of the mixing installation that continuously and flexibly produces batches of up to 5 m³ and stores them in storage silos.

This order was executed for a leading manufacturer of silicone adhesives, PU foams and other products for the construction, industry and do-it-yourself sectors, with its headquarters in Turnhout, and with branches in 25 countries. In 2008, it achieved the milestone of manufacturing 125 million cartridges.

In the past, small batches with silicone mastics were manually manufactured for each filling line.
By constructing a large mixer that automatically and continuously creates large batches, one can achieve the following benefits:


  • The many sacks and small packs were replaced by bulk and tank storage with an automatic dosing system.
  • A greater uniformity in quality is achieved through automatic dosing based on recipes.
  • The filling is done independently of the production by temporarily buffering the manufactured product in storage tanks. The filling can therefore be done continuously.


A central PLC CPU coupled to the decentralised periphery via a Profibus network, controls the entirety of the raw material supply, dosage, mixers and storage. A link has been made between the two PLCs for the flow of liquids from the existing tank farm.
The filling lines are integrated into the whole and equipped with an operator panel for the interaction with the machine operator.
The person responsible for manufacturing the product can control and monitor the entire mixing process, storage and filling through a WinCC scada.
The recipes of the various products are managed via an Access database linked to the PLC via OPC.


  • The customer has been a customer of De Roeve for years.
  • De Roeve has several technologies inhouse.
  • De Roeve has experience in developing customised installations and tries to find the best solution jointly with the customer.



  • PLC: Siemens STEP7 CPU414-2
  • HMI: Siemens WinCC / Siemens WinCC Flexible
  • Budget: € 165.000