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De Roeve Automation offers efficient and sustainable tailormade solutions to your business.
Our years of experience enable us to automate every step in the production process. Our engineers and technical specialists not only offer you total solutions, but are also equally capable of resolving part aspects of your problem. We have a wide range of experience in various sectors, from food, pharmacy, energy, metals to petrochemicals.

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  • Tailormade, sustainable and efficient automation solutions
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The PLC acts as the central control system for most automated machines and processes. Our project engineers write PLC programs tailormade to the desired logic of your machine or process.


SCADA system* offers a simple solution to solve your business processes. Temperatures, consumption, alarms, shutdowns, etc. can all be read off the screen. Your operators can use the SCADA interface to operate valves, motors or other equipment in the production environment. With trend displays, it is also possible to record the history of chosen variables and represent them graphically or in the form of a report.

* SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


A DCS or Distributed Control System is an automation system in which traditional engineering tools such as PLC and SCADA are integrated within a single development environment. In contrast to a "classic" PLC SCADA configuration, one central database is used. This greatly reduces the risk of errors and also greatly shortens the development time. A DCS also has many integrated functions (for example, control loop), the alarms are better pre-programmed and redundancy is a matter of course.

DCS is primarily used in larger process applications comprising a large number of I/Os and control circuits. A DCS is often less favoured for smaller projects, in case of the basic cost of the system.

Plant Database

A plant database records raw process data in high speed. The major difference to classical databases like SQL or Oracle is in the compact, redundant data storage. Extremely high recording speeds are combined with local buffering.
Process data from a variety of units - at first sight without inter-relationships - are stored in a central environment. These data can then be used to display energy consumption, causes for downtime, quality, etc..

Motion Control

Positioning has many applications and the range of use is wide: from simple low cost systems to high-performance systems with high precision and dynamics.