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Touchscreen application for mixing basic products to make a desired end product according to a predefined recipe

As a manufacturer of polyurethane foam products, our customer aims to improve day-to-day comfort for all. It employs 11.400 persons worldwide and has operations in 27 countries.

In order to improve the quality of the end products, the customer uses products that are mixed according to a strict formula, from a number of basic ingredients. The software must support the operator in weighing the raw materials and must record the available information about a production batch. This recording makes the composition of each production batch traceable.

The setup consists of a user interface that can be operated via a touch screen, three weighing scales and a barcode scanner. The recipes and the information of the products manufactured are stored in an Oracle database.
With this simple and intuitive program, we guide the user in formulating new mixes. This drastically reduces the risk of errors.


In addition to the composition of the recipe, the results of the mixture are also stored in a relational database. This allows the customer to always check the composition of a mixture.

The results of the mixture are noted in a report. The statutory hazard symbols, warning and safety advises (the mandatory R and S phrases) are also printed. This may be in various formats such as A4 or label form, so that it can be pasted on the packaging of the recipient.


  • Development environment: VB.NET
  • Database: Oracle
  • Reporting: Crystal Reports