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Central monitoring system (CMS)

An application had to be developed for recording and monitoring environmental parameters.

The customer is an international pharmaceutical group specialising in the development and production of drugs for the treatment of the eyes. They employ 15.000 persons and are active in more than 180 countries.

The growth in production and the increasing need for more information has given rise to a need for a powerful system for recording, monitoring, storage and reporting of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure and particles) in the production rooms. The new system is required to be flexible, must have a 24/7 uptime, and must not lose any data during maintenance or faults if any. The system is to be validated after further development and later modifications or extensions.

The system consists of three classic levels of the automation pyramid. The PLC reads and monitors the environmental parameters measured. The SCADA system records the measurement results in a database and provides the interface with the operators. In view of the large quantity of data, an Historian plant database was deployed, capable of processing the large volume of information within the required time.
The system has provided for the processing of 1000 analogue measurements and generates approximately 700.000 records per day. The system periodically generates the reports for the quality department.
The CMS application records each action in the system, such as the adjustments to the parameters, confirmation of alarms, performing calibrations, etc. These automatic audit trails are in conformity with ‘Electronic Signatures, 21 CFR Part 11'.
All modifications to the environment (new locations, additional sensors, new equipment, etc.) can be implemented with a limited validation procedure.


  • De Roeve is Certified Solution Partner for GE Intelligent Platforms. We have a great deal of experience in deploying iFix and Historian.
  • De Roeve has the required skills inhouse, for PLC, SCADA and industrial IT.



  • SCADA layer: GE iFix 3.0
  • Plant database: GE Historian 3.0