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OPC is the most common technology for exchange of data with industrial equipment. This technology is flexible, easily available and very well known in the industry. Our project engineers are also highly familiar with it. However, OPC has a number of disadvantages. For example, the data is not structured and the speed is relatively low. The data transfer is also not always "guaranteed": as a user, you have no control over the timing of the data transfers. This makes OPC unsuitable for collecting very high-speed data, large data packages, or structured data such as batch data.

Data communication in De Roeve Industrial IT

In view of this problem, De Roeve Industrial IT developed a high-performance integrated solution with TCP that does not have these disadvantages. The exchange of PLC data with the IT system and vice versa is available for Siemens and Telemecanique PLCs, but can be extended to all other brands after due consultation.



    • Transmission of data in large quantities: several kilobytes of data per second, per controller.
    • The data is structured. It is therefore held together and confirmed.
    • Data transfer is 100% guaranteed.

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