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SCADA A DCS or Distributed Control System is an automation system in which traditional engineering tools such as PLC and SCADA are integrated within a single development environment. In contrast to a "classic" PLC SCADA configuration, one central database is used. This greatly reduces the risk of errors and also greatly shortens the development time. A DCS also has many integrated functions (for example, control loop), the alarms are better pre-programmed and redundancy is a matter of course.

DCS is primarily used in larger process applications comprising a large number of I/Os and control circuits. A DCS is often less favoured for smaller projects, in case of the basic cost of the system.

DCS in De Roeve Automation

  • Expertise in Siemens PCS 7 and ABB AC800F/ABB AC800xA
  • De Roeve Automation is also fully versed in combinations of SCADA - PLC as well as DCS. This allows us to always propose a system that is best suited to your project.

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