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for production automation

Industrial electrical installations for machines and processes

Almost all industrial machines or plants use electricity. The more complex the machine, or the greater the number of components, the more complex is the wiring and cabling. It is also essential that the electrical engineering or electrical technology underlying your machine, such as power distribution and switching infrastructure meet the highest standards.

Why De Roeve Electrical

  • Electrical technology that you can trust.
  • Well conceived electrical designs that make room for future expansion.
  • Strong after-sales service.

Projects De Roeve Electrical

See our reference projects.

Electrical design

Electrical technology is founded on good electrical design. A good design not only fulfils existing requirements, but also provides for the future.


After finalising the electrical design, we manufacture the electrical switchboard, control and operators' panels in our workshop. They are delivered to you within the agreed period.

Cabling works

Cabling and connection of your installation or machine.