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for production automation


Important milestones of De Roeve.

Perdum NV belongs now to the De Roeve Group.

Opening of our shop at the Brussels Expo site. Electrical equipment and tools are sold to exhibition stand construction firms.


De Roeve Lighting is moving to a new building in Brussels.
The De Roeve Automation, Electrical, Industrial IT and Mechanical divisions will be housed in a new industrial building in Lokeren.

Commencement of pioneering entrepreneurship work in Ethiopia.

De Roeve Lighting was formed by acquiring a company specialising in exhibition stand lighting.

De Roeve Mechanical was founded by a group of persons with years of experience in mechanical engineering and internal transport systems.

To better serve our customers in the Kempen region, we set up a branch of De Roeve Automation in Turnhout.

De Roeve Industrial IT division was set up to cater to the rising demand for IT applications for production environments.

Shifting to the industrial building in the Hoogveld industrial zone in Dendermonde. The De Roeve Electrical division was set up after the company expanded its operations with the manufacture of switchboards and wiring profiles.

The company was set up as a company dedicated to automation applications. De Roeve Automation has been operating in the market by providing services relating to production systems. This activity has evolved from a purely service-oriented business to a combination of service and project work.