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Translates production data into information

In order to meet the market requirements, it is important to control your production processes. De Roeve Industrial IT provides a clear view on your production information. We built applications to register production data and connect the shopfloor with ERP-systems. Those applications are used for OEE, quality management, tracking and tracing, planning, purchase, maintenance,...

Why choose De Roeve Industrial IT

  • Tailormade solutions
  • Competent in the development of interfaces with various systems
  • Extensive experience with supporting systems of which the original supplier no longer exists
  • Expertise in bulk loading systems, tracking & tracing
  • A transparent procedure is followed for each development, from a thorough analysis to implementation, and user training

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Projects De Roeve Industrial IT

Our projects.

Operational Intelligence

We connect your sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence.


Modern production processes require links to parent ERP systems. De Roeve Industrial IT can achieve this for you. We provide interfaces with SAP, BAAN, PUMA, etc., or the ERP system that you are using.


De Roeve Industrial IT is highly efficient in developing interfaces and in additional reporting on collected data. Simplicity of use and clarity of presentation are extremely important. Excellence in presentation is our watchword.


OPC is the most common technology for exchange of data with industrial equipment. This technology is flexible, easily available and very well known in the industry. Our project engineers are also highly familiar with it. However, OPC has a number of disadvantages. For example, the data is not structured and the speed is relatively low. The data transfer is also not always "guaranteed": as a user, you have no control over the timing of the data transfers. This makes OPC unsuitable for collecting very high-speed data, large data packages, or structured data such as batch data.


Specific software and the correct protocol drivers are indispensable for communication with industrial systems and devices.