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One Stop Shop

for production automation

Operational Intelligence

We connect your sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence.

Data are one of your most accurate business assets which, in case of correct interpretation, can help to excel the efficiency of your organization by:

  • Detecting emerging trends.
  • Reacting quickly to changes and events.
  • Optimizing processes and equipment.



  • Safety and security: reduce operational risks, alert operators of conditions that might harm employees or the environment.
  • Resource management: monitor resource consumption, tie energy costs to production plans, and identify areas for optimization, control costs and long term risks.
  • Product quality and genealogy: capture operational data and improve reporting and audits.
  • Asset health & condition based maintenance.
  • Process efficiency.



    The PI ServerTM is a real-time data storage and distribution engine that powers the PI SystemTM and provides a comprehensive real-time and historical view into your operations, enabling you to make timely and impactful decisions.

    The PI Server:
    • Receives data from your many disparate sources and consolidates it into a single system.
    • Transforms raw data into actionable information and makes it accessible to users and other systems at all levels.
    • Proactively monitors your data to deliver real- time alerts when critical events occur.
    • Stores and secures your data so information is both accessible to your users and protected.
    With the PI Server, differences in data types, delivery speeds, formats and sources no longer matter. Information is instantly and uniformly available to users and applications whenever and wherever needed