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Scheduled Calculation Engine

Application for logging data between PLCs and databases via an OPC server. Before logging the data, it can be processed using plug-ins.

Our customer is absolutely the world market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of capsules for pharmaceutical and health & nutrition applications.

The customer required a method for faster data logging between the various PLCs and/or SQL databases. In this connection, it was necessary to carry out various processing operations before storing the data.

The user can specify, via a simple interface, what information they wished to log in, and how.
There are four options:

  • Logging of data from a PLC to a database
  • Logging of data from a database to a PLC
  • Copying data between two PLCs
  • Copying data between two PLCs with execution of a calculation. 
In the latter option, it was decided to add various calculation modules as ‘plug-ins' to the application. These calculation modules have also been described in vb.net and can therefore be extremely extensive.

Multi-threading system:
It was necessary for the system to meet certain performance requirements. We developed a multi-threading application for this purpose. This enables the performance of different tasks independently of each other. A load-balancing system ensures optimal use of the available resources.

This application can be configured redundantly at all levels. Thus, redundancy was provided at the OPC server level, the database level and the application level as well. This enables us to achieve very high operating reliability.


  • Development environment: VB.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • OPC server: INAT OPC Server