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Automated Excel sheets

Excel sheets to collect and process data and to visualise results

Our client is part of a global pharmaceutical group. Medicines are discovered, developed and commercialised in Belgium.

The customer wants to easily collect data on safety, environment, planning, etc. from all their branches around the world. This data must then be processed and presented in a manner that can be visually interpreted easily, so that conclusions may be drawn quickly and easily.
In addition, the client also wants to retrieve data from its SAP system and quickly supplement it with additional information. An email to take appropriate action is to be sent to each person, based on this.

Excel was selected to collect data since all parties have Excel and it can use it well.
The data processing is done by Excel macros. The results are shown in the form of pivot tables and spider diagrams. The user can decide the level of detail in displaying the results. A summary of only a part of the data can also be made.
A summary of the information relevant to the recipient can also be attached to emails as Annexes. Before the mails are sent, the user will see a list of all the recipients so that another selection can be made therein.


Quality of data:
To minimise the risk of errors during entry, all fields that do not require changes are locked. The input fields shall be provided with selection lists wherever possible, in order to make the data as uniform as possible.

Ease of use:
Buttons and hyperlinks are used to facilitate navigation between the different tabs to the extent possible.
The tabs with results are automatically refreshed after activation, so that the user is no longer required to re-examine them.