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Automated manufacturing system (AMS)

Exchange of product data between the ERP system and the production environment

Our client is an international pharmaceutical group specialising in the development and production of drugs for the treatment of the eyes. They employ 15.000 persons and are active in more than 180 countries.

The production data such as formula code, lot number, sterilisation temperature, reactor number, etc. used to be entered manually at the ERP and production levels.
In addition to the hard copy format, our client wanted to send this data from the administration department to the production environment electronically as well.
The client also wanted us to eliminate the need to manually change certain production settings like the agitator speed for each product, and to thereby eliminate errors.

The data from the ERP system are sent from the database server in the administrative network to the database server in the production network. Connecting the two networks however involves a security risk for the production network, and a firewall was therefore installed between the two networks.
When starting a production cycle, the HMI retrieves the necessary data from the database server on the production network. The operators check whether the data are correct, after which everything is forwarded to the PLC.
Once the cycle is completed, the PLC sends the production data to the SCADA server. From there, the data pass in the opposite direction back to the ERP system, thereby completing the circle.


  • Reliability:
    Since the data need not be entered manually, this reduces the chance of errors.
  • Ease of use and speed:
    Operators no longer need to enter the production data themselves before starting production. Only the data that appears on the HMI has to be checked before starting.



  • Database: Microsoft SQL server
  • SCADA: GE iFix 5.0