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Application for sending the electronic Administrative Document (e-AD) to the Customs and Excise Department

Our customer is a company with global operations in the extraction, refining and distribution of petroleum products. Our application is used in three fuel distribution depots in Belgium, for the full loading of trucks and trains with petroleum products.

The client was required by law to use the EMCS (Excise Movement Control System) to submit an electronic Administrative Document (e-AD) to the Customs and Excise Department for the transport of excise goods, instead of the hard copy Administrative Accompanying Document (AAD).

A link was made between the fully automatic loading system and the Porthus portal to handle the communication with the EMCS system of Customs and Excise Department.
All loading data are sent to the TAS (Terminal Automation System) system. Our application enables easy retrieval of the data from the automation system and the forwarding of the same to the Porthus portal. This process is fully integrated into the existing automation system and is transparent for users. Once a request is sent, the status can be checked at any time. The answers of the Customs and Excise server are converted to messages or an accompanying ticket for the driver.


By ensuring the totally autonomous collection and transmission of data, this system eliminates a lot of manual work. The automatic printing of the required documents is another added benefit. The status of the process can also be tracked easily.

Ease of use:
Our application provides quick and easy access to the most important aspects of EMCS for persons on the shop floor or the control room.
The full integration of EMCS in the existing TAS greatly simplifies operational management.



  • Development environment: VB.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server