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SkySpark Analytics software automatically analyzes building, energy and equipment data to identify issues, faults and opportunities for improved performance and operational savings.


  • Energy Management.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Building Automation.
  • Data Centers.
  • Maintenance Repair Operations.
  • Monitoring-based Commissioning.
  • Smart Homes.
  • The Internet of Things
  • Smart Devices.


  • Automatically analyzing Operational Data.
  • Intuitive presentations are displayed in a standard web-browser using HTML5 technology - no plug-ins are required.
  • Open platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be continuously analyzed.
  • Deployment On-Premise, Cloud-Hosted or as a Desktop Tool.
  • Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux supported.









      • Capture your knowledge in ‘rules' that run against data produced by equipment systems.
      • When rules find a correlation or match they create a 'spark' - SkySpark's term for an issue that matters.
      • SkySpark then automatically generates visualizations, notifications and reports that show the issue, time of occurrence, frequency, duration, and even cost.
      • This way, SkySpark turns data into actionable intelligence and finds what matters.


      • Historian
        Combines all types of data together along with analytic results.
      • Energy
        Provides a comprehensive suite for analysis of energy resources.
      • SiteSpark
        Shows analytic results as timelines and bubble charts, showing timing, duration, frequency and even cost of issues.
      • Reports
        All of the SkySpark Apps allow you to turn any view into a report in a variety of formats including PDF and Excel.