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Mobile machine automation

Specialized in precision guidance and mobile automation


What we do

Our solutions are designed and developed for automation of industrial equipment used in mobile machines and vehicles for special purposes. We offer complete solutions: hardware, software and full applications.

What we offer

Custom made automation solutions for mobile machinery:

  • The basic controlling system (PLC, HMI, special sensors, joysticks...)
  • Precise machine and vehicle control:
    • Low and high accuracy for localization and guidance functionalities (GPS, laser and beacons)
    • Implements and toolsautomatization
  • Connectivity:
    • Extended tools for local and remote diagnostics
    • Fleet management and tracking
    • Web environment, data logging and data analysis
    • Asset management functions (e.g. Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Standard protocols to communicate with 3party devices: J1939, CAN-open, ISO-bus

Your advantages

It is our aim to establish a long term relationship, to help you reduce costs, realize time savings and increase your profit by:

  • integrating seamlessly into the existing architecture
  • using a personal approach
  • making tailor made solutions both for hardware and software
  • brand independent solution proposals
  • customizing solutions to fit your needs exactly
  • partnering in a co-creation environment
  • relieving your design and engineering team from software and hardware puzzles
  • combining years of experience of industrial and agricultural know-how to build better solutions

How we work

  • Intake: qualification of requirements and needs
  • Scope: analysis of objectives from both engineering and requirement point of view (co-creation)
  • Quotation: fixed and correct pricing based on the scope
  • Technical analysis: development of the product specification
  • Prototyping: software and hardware selection, development and testing
  • Production: industrialization of the prototype and serial production
  • Support: permanent support and maintenance assistance by our team