Customised industrial technical support

Do you need some additional technical support or expertise? De Roeve Industries contracts out qualified technical experts to help ensure continuity in your enterprise. Our experts can assist with urgent interventions, carry out regular maintenance, or provide temporary support for your team.

A single specialised team for every technical challenge

We have a mix of experienced technical profiles available, from engineers to technicians, available for short-term or long-term projects. Our teams can carry out analyses, conceptual designs, detail engineering, software development, project management… right through to assembly, installation and maintenance. Projects represent a large part of our activities, and this means that you can tap into methods and functions that we adapt during our project work.

Fix & Care

Our ‘Fix & Care’ technical support combines urgent operations and regular small tasks:

Fix: do you have an urgent problem? Give us a call and we’ll come immediately.

Care: one of our technicians comes at pre-arranged time intervals to carry out non-urgent tasks.


  • Don’t let small tasks build up
  • Urgent support when you need it
  • You only pay when our technician comes to you
Technical Experts


Your industrial electrical installations and machines need regular maintenance. Our team will be happy to visit at scheduled intervals to carry out maintenance and check-ups.


  • Keep your installations up to date
  • Don’t worry about maintenance

Technical support

Do you need an expert to come and give you temporary technical support? You can contract our technicians and engineers to join your team for a fixed period, or simply to carry out specific tricky tasks.


  • Simple procedure
  • Temporarily increase your capacity
  • We always provide the right technician with the right expertise
  • We support our technicians at all levels: knowledge, methodology, equipment, …
  • Our technicians can always refer back to our competence centres if they need specialised information

Bring one of our technical experts into your project

Our technicians can bring over 25 years of experience to support your production enterprise.