Integrated Production Solutions

Process optimisation through industrial machine and process automation

Are you looking for an experienced specialist in industrial machine and process automation? De Roeve Industries designs and implements high-quality automation systems to ensure your production processes run at maximum efficiency. We configure and develop software for PLCs, SCADA applications, HMIs, drive systems, DCS and plant databases.

Developing machine and process control systems

With long-standing expertise in industrial machine and process automation, we are the perfect partners to automate every stage in your production line. Our software engineers, automation engineers and specialists can create innovative and sustainable comprehensive solution packages – or they will be equally happy to take responsibility just for specific aspects of your production process. Our team has extensive knowledge of PLC, SCADA and other control systems such as DCS and will always come up with the right approach for your project.

Get started on automating your industrial processes and machinery

For most automated machines and processes, the PLC (programmable logic controller) acts as the central control system. It ensures that your production is controlled correctly and safely. Our PLC engineers conduct a functional analysis and then write customised PLC software based on the desired logic for your machine or process. We can program PLC systems from Siemens, Beckhoff, Rockwell, …

With a SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition), you can easily track your business processes and control systems in your production environment. Our project engineers develop your SCADA system in Siemens WinCC, iFix or InTouch. They carefully match up the SCADA software to the PLC software, so that you can get started on your industrial machine and process automation.

A DCS (distributed control system) is an automation system where PLC and SCADA are integrated within one single central development environment. This reduces the chance of errors, shortens development times and allows for better pre-programmed alarms. It is primarily used for large process applications with lots of I/O and control circuits. Our DCS engineers usually work with ABB Freelance 800F DCS.

A plant database rapidly records raw process data from every unit and stores it in a single central location. This data can then be used to examine energy consumption, reasons for idle periods and quality. Our software engineers work with Proficy Historian from GE Intelligent Platforms and Process Historian of Siemens.

Our specialisms also include positioning and drive technologies. For example, you can hire us to retrofit your CNC machines – that is, to replace and modernise not just the electrical installation, but also the CNS control system, servomotors and measurement systems. We can also handle drive systems for winders, slitters or conveyor belts. We use Siemens SINAMICS – SIMOTION for developing our motion control systems.

Get started on your industrial machine and process automation

Our team of specialists designs and implements a process control system tailored to your project.