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Custom-made industrial electrical installations

Would you like industrial electrical work carried out in your production enterprise? With over 25 years of experience in the field, De Roeve Industries is your ideal partner for custom-made industrial electrical installations, electrical design, cabinet installation and cabling. Hand over to us and make your production future-proof.

Industrial electrical work for production enterprises

Virtually all industrial installations and machines need electricity. The more complex the machine is and the more components it contains, the more complex it becomes to wire and cable it. In addition, the electrical engineering and electrical systems behind your machine (think cable distributors and switch infrastructure) have to comply with extremely strict standards. De Roeve Industries is passionate about process optimisation. We can supply a carefully thought-out design and handle cabinet installation and cabling for all your industrial electrical process installations and machines.

Our technical roadmap from A to Z

The basis of an electrical system is a professional electrical design that not only meets your current needs, requirements and industrial infrastructure, but also takes the future into account. The electrical systems we design always include possibilities for extension – in the choice of switching and field equipment, in the cable calculations when assembling the cabinet, etc.

Once the electrical design for your industrial electrical installations is in place, our cabinet engineers get to work in our workshop to assemble the electrical low voltage and automation cabinets, remote I/O systems and control and operation cabinets. This is done under the supervision of the original manufacturer and in accordance with the IEC60204-1 and IEC61439-1 ‘Low voltage directive’ standards.

Our electrical engineers connect your industrial installations or machines, and implement a structured cable system with appropriate cable carriers: cable trays, cable ducts and cable ladders. We also carry out cable and I/O tests to ensure any faults are detected early on. Once the system is installed, you can hire us for maintenance and urgent on-site operations, to keep your uptime maximised.

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