OEE: how effective is your production unit?

Clear, efficient overview of your production performance. De Roeve Industries implements OEE for your production unit. Measure, visualise and improve your production process based on the OEE philosophy, and generate a higher yield from the same number of machines and personnel.

Get the most out of your employees and machines

Our OEE software is a powerful tool for visualising machine productivity losses in real time in your production unit. OEE calculates the effectiveness of your processes using information about availability, performance and quality. Based on these results, you can take steps to optimise your production line. What’s more, we can also combine OEE with Workflow and an APS system. Benefit from our long-standing expertise in software development with this analysis of your system, plus the ability to fine-tune scheduled tasks and specific operator input.

Your OEE

The three parameters – availability, performance and quality – are mapped out and digitalised.

The parameters are used to calculate KPIs. The data is then displayed in real time on a dashboard.

Once the OEE has been calculated initially, a search will be conducted to see where there may be optimisation potential. Suggestions will be displayed ranging from machine improvements to human input. OEE is a permanent operating point.

Benefits of OEE

Benefit from our structured, transparent approach with numerous significant advantages:

  • Find the cause of downtimes more quickly
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance costs
  • Boost production efficiency
  • Longer service life for your machinery
  • More transparency in your production process
  • Deploy your workforce efficiently
  • Reduce bottlenecks
  • Higher quality, with less waste

Application areas

De Roeve Industries offers innovative automation solutions and planning programs for a variety of production environments, including:

  • Strict production procedures that have significant chances of human error
  • Quality recording
  • Lots of machine switching
  • Complex products that consist of numerous components and production stages
  • Piecework


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Implement an OEE system

Our OEE system maps out the bottlenecks in your production process and targets higher yields with the same resources.