Yard Management System (YMS) for an optimised, secure logistics flow

Efficient control and optimisation of your logistics processes. De Roeve Industries develops and implements customised intelligent Yard Management Systems (YMS) for production enterprises. These give you optimal control, planning and management for your yard operations.

Intelligent site logistics: optimising internal logistics processes

Our Yard Management System (YMS) is an important step along the path to optimised, efficient logistics management for e.g. goods flows, vehicle movements, personnel access on your site, etc. Our long-standing experience in developing software and access control systems ensures we can find the perfect solution for every project.

  1. Invitation with registration code and time slot
  2. Registration on arrival
  3. Temporary site access following successful registration and checks
  4. Parking management and queue management
  5. Driver support on site via SMS or signage
  6. Record products that are delivered or loaded
  7. Delivery of transport documents
  8. Supervision leaving the site
  1. Invitation and pre-registration
  2. Registration and welcoming
  3. Safety instructions and information about access
  4. Contact person automatically informed
  5. Access approved and parking allocated if required
  6. Check-out when leaving the site
  1. Registration on arrival
  2. Direction to goods delivery point
  3. Temporary access to the site following correct registration
  4. Check-out when leaving the site

Our approach to building your Yard Management System

  1. Initial consultation: we discuss your needs and specify the task
  2. Scope definition: we develop a concept based on your needs
  3. Quotation: cost estimation for the project
  4. Build: we build and commission the system
  5. C&Q: testing and qualifying the system
  6. Project closure: we provide training and assistance to get you up and running with your Yard Management System; we compile a maintenance plan
  7. Service & maintenance: regular maintenance of your installation by our field service team

Benefits of a De Roeve Industries Yard Management System

Benefit from our structured, transparent approach with numerous significant advantages:

  • Convenience for visitors to your site
  • Can be integrated with your existing systems
  • Save costs on monitoring and managing traffic on your site
  • Solution is tailored to your needs with precisely defined cost estimate
  • Single point of contact and single responsible person throughout, from design right through to maintenance
  • Security and overview of who and what is arriving at your site, is currently present, and is leaving the site
  • Increased security and access control: access only for approved persons for a specified time slot

A Yard Management System tailored to your requirements

Our specialised team develops Yard Management Software that will bring your operational efficiency to the next level.