recipe management: full control over your recipes and parameters

Do you have multiple recipes and parameter sets in your production? De Roeve offers you a fully integrable solution to digitize the complete life cycle and simplify its use. All this in accordance with GMP and 21 CFR part 11.

Digital recipe management – always relevant !

Are your recipes and production parameters crucial for the quality of your products? How can you best ensure that these are not simply changed and that you keep the creation and modification process of your recipes under complete control. De Roeve has extensive experience in digitization of production-related data. Based on this experience, we have chosen a solution that meets the strictest standards and offers a very extensive functionality: MePIS RM.

MePIS RM is a modern web-based platform that has been developed specifically for pharmaceutical needs. Thanks to its extensive functionality, this package also comes into its own in other sectors:

  • Intuitive web-based interfaces without a user-based license. This makes the data easily available to anyone who needs it.
  • Full role and user based security.
  • Complete audit trailing of creation, modification, activation and use of the recipes and parameters.
  • Class-based recipe creation according to the ISA 88 and S95 model.
  • Both uploading and downloading of the recipes are supported. This avoids the manual entry of existing recipes during migration.
  • Completely freely configurable approval routing for managing your changes.
  • Central storage of all recipes in an open database, so that this data is also easily available for external applications.

Benefits of mepis rm in your production

  • Speed ​​up recipe processing and reduce manual labor and downtime
  • Reduce human errors and production variance
  • Reduce labor costs through more efficient processes
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve GMP compliance
  • Streamline recipe archive maintenance with centralized storage of all data
  • Improve the integrity of prescription data
  • Increase product quality and safety

Scalable, configurable and yet custom

  • Depending on your needs, the package can be used as is (after configuration), or fully integrated into your existing machine controls (PLC or SCADA). Upwards, it can interface with ERP and MES systems.
  • The system is fully parameterizable. This avoids custom development.
  • The solution can be rolled out in phases partly or fully in your production equipment. This does not require reinstallations, just one license increase per additional connected system.

A recipe management tailored to your wishes?

Our specialized team integrates the recipe management software MePIS RM to take your operational efficiency to the next level.