Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS): customised production planning software

Optimise your production process and production planning. De Roeve Industries implements advanced project and production planning software customised to your objectives and production environment. Let us improve performance in your enterprise, get the best out of your employees and take production to a new level.

The path to Industry 4.0 with your own unique production planning software

We build on long-standing experience in software development to integrate innovative planning and scheduling systems that help you to make best use of the available resources in your business. This means carefully managing the balance of humans, machines, materials, capacity and available skills. Modern planning systems and ‘paperless manufacturing systems’ can make an immediate contribution to the transition to a digital paperless shop floor and help you to integrate Industry 4.0 philosophies in your organisation.

What is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling system (APS)?

  • Multi-project, multi-order
  • You can configure restrictions and priorities
  • Concept can be developed in real time
  • Allows rapid analysis of alternatives
  • Clear analysis and reporting tools
  • You can model your organisation in the system
  • Fully configurable, no programming necessary
  • Can be integrated with existing systems (ERP and MES)
  • Dynamic planning environment with high user-friendliness
  • Rapid automatic planning via a heuristic algorithm
  • Production planning software based on finite resources (machines, people, materials, tools, …)
  • Lots of optimisation dimensions available: cost, throughput time, utilisation, set-up time, work in progress, delivery deadlines

Our approach to creating your planning program

During an initial meeting, we carefully map out your needs and requirements. We determine priorities based on the available possibilities and your current situation. We then discuss the advantages that our innovative planning tools will bring you.

We draw up a design or ‘proof of concept’ (POC) that we present to you and your team in a demonstration or workshop.

We work with you to implement the planning system in your work environment so that you can transform the discussed advantages into reality.

After delivery, we are happy to continue working with you and will support you through the process of digitalisation and automating information flows between your ERP and shop floor

Benefits of our customised production planning software

  • Detailed calculation of delivery dates
  • Information generated can be used to show bottlenecks
  • Optimal deployment of personnel, materials and machines
  • Realistic planning and timely delivery of your projects
  • Increase operational margins by optimising production costs
  • Restore your focus to your core tasks: lose less time and money to planning
  • Real-time progress overview for your jobs and works in progress
  • Detailed overview of production capacity, both in the short and long term
  • Facilitate cooperation within your team and reduce stress thanks to clear planning
  • Clearer communication, both internally and externally, thanks to concrete information
  • Clear comparisons of proposed schedules
  • Simple management of daily changes
  • Rapid generation of various planning scenarios based on different priorities (delivery deadlines, production capacity, etc.)
  • Fewer planning errors
  • Rapid, accurate answers to customer questions

Application areas

De Roeve Industries offers innovative automation solutions and planning programs for a variety of production environments, including:

  • Make-to-order products (MTO)
  • Frequent unexpected changes to plans
  • Complex products that consist of numerous components and production stages
  • A large number of different products that are partially produced with the same resources

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