Smart Factory: the smart and strategic route to Industry 4.0 in a united team

Optimise your performance, efficiency and customer service: let De Roeve Industries transform your production enterprise to a ‘Smart Factory’. We work closely with you to co-create intelligent structures and systems that will move your enterprise and employees to the next level.

Next-level industrial automation with Industry 4.0

The terms ‘Smart Factory’, ‘Smart Industry’ or ‘Industry 4.0’ refer to maximising digitalisation and connectivity in your production environment. Production, machines, software and humans are closely linked to one another, optimising interaction and performance.

De Roeve Industries has already built up more than 25 years of experience creating software and coupling administrative and industrial systems. To transform your enterprise into a smart production industry or smart factory, we go far beyond just developing and implementing systems. Our Smart Factory systems keep people centre stage and we always emphasise close collaboration and co-creation with you. We develop innovative solutions perfectly matched to your needs; we provide support to you and your employees so that you can get the most out of your new systems. This ensures that everyone receives the information they need to make smart decisions, faster.

Smart Factory

5 steps to a Smart Factory

1. Opportunity scan
We map out current challenges and future opportunities.

2. Multilevel strategy

We determine the objectives and establish responsibilities.

3. Conceptual design
We develop a conceptual design from both directions: top down (business drivers and functional requirements) and bottom up (shop floor requirements and technical specifications). We then draw up an implementation plan at production and ERP level.

4. Implementation & roll-out
We generate a detailed analysis, proof of concept (POC) and roll-out for each partial solution.

5. Value capture

We help you to achieve results and provide guidance on how you can use your smart solution to generate added value.

Smart Factory

Smart benefits:
the advantages of Smart Factory

This approach brings smart benefits: strategic advantages to position your enterprise and workforce for Industry 4.0. Smart production gives you more insight into your production process, saves on costs and time, yields higher quality, better performance and more efficiency, and improves your customer service.

  • Optimal use of resources
  • Fewer planning errors
  • Integration of sales & operations
  • Optimisation of internal logistics
  • Knowledge pooled in systems
  • Single data entry and more consistent information
  • Increased efficiency from your production unit
  • Digital, real-time production information for your customers
  • Digitalised information flows between ERP and shop floor
  • Transparent production order progress for your customers
  • Operator support with context-dependent work instructions
  • Transparent, clear link between basic materials, process parameters and end products
  • Daily changes handled quickly (urgent orders, sick employees, machine defects, … )
  • Visualisation of bottlenecks
  • Real-time machine status
  • Option to set benchmarks
  • Real-time progress information
  • Clear overview of the situation
  • Operator and machine time recording
  • Detailed global performance indicators
  • Quality control thanks to better process understanding
  • Concrete information you can use as a decision basis
  • Increased production capacity
  • Delivery deadlines met
  • Optimised stocks, work in progress and throughput time
  • Rapid, accurate answers to questions about delivery deadlines
  • Overview of available production capacity (short and long term)
Smart Factory

Smart, efficient procedures with Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

With Smart Industry, your organisation will evolve into a future-proof, self-controlling production environment