Workflow: the right information at the right time

Support your production workers in their daily tasks. De Roeve Industries creates a customised workflow application for your workers, which reduces human error, decreases production costs and helps you establish a paperless shop floor.

Digitalise your procedures

Our workflow application is a tool to help you towards optimised, efficient task allocation. Production personnel can seamlessly transition from paper administration to a digital workflow. Furthermore, we are able to integrate your workflow into customised APS software, building on our long-standing experience in software development. Scheduled tasks are combined with the relevant information and flow to the responsible person on the shop floor. These modern support systems make a direct contribution to the transition to a digital, paperless shop floor.

Your workflow application

This method ensures that predetermined tasks can be coupled to the right place later on.

Each procedure has its own workflow implementation. During this step, all procedures are critically examined in order to eliminate any potential errors or automate certain procedures via the workflow. Priorities are defined.

The workflow software is implemented in your production unit. Minimal training is required for operators – thanks to our user-friendly, intuitive user interface. Excellent support from our experts brings you up to speed so that you can create simple new procedures or adapt existing ones yourself.

Benefits of a customised workflow

Benefit from our structured, transparent approach with numerous significant advantages:

  • Can be integrated with your existing systems, from EMS to PLCs
  • Cost savings in training, personnel and equipment
  • Reduce human errors
  • Better traceability for procedures that are carried out
  • Transparent task allocation
  • E-signature and audit trails
  • Add videos, live feeds, photos, manuals, etc.
  • Don’t lose any information – thanks to easy-to-add procedures

Application areas

De Roeve Industries offers innovative automation solutions and planning programs for a variety of production environments, including:

  • Strict production procedures that have significant chances of human error
  • Manual quality recording
  • Lots of machine switching
  • Complex products that consist of numerous components and production stages
  • Data conditioning
  • Order dispatching


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Let us implement your custom workflow

Benefit from our workflow to digitalise your production process and transform your production environment to a ‘Paperless Factory’.